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  5. "This is a book about him."

"This is a book about him."

Translation:Bu onun hakkında bir kitap.

May 22, 2015



why is "bu kitap onun akkında" " wrong ?


bu kitap onun hakkında: this book is about him

although very similar, those are different things

[deactivated user]

    I will try to explain with my limited grammar: In this sentence "to be a book about him" is the predicate, the action of the sentence. And the subject is "This". To give the same meaning in Turkish, we have to translate the whole predicate " onun hakkinda bir kitap" and complement it with the subject, "bu" and the sentence becomes: "Bu onun hakkinda bir kitap".

    Instead if the sentence to be translate was "This book is about him", the predicate would be "to be about him", translated it would give "onun hakkinda", and the subject would be "this book", translated it would be " bu kitap" , hence the final result would be "Bu kitap onun hakkinda". Hope it makes sense :)

    I believe the confusion mostly arises from dropped words and suffixes for "to be" in Turkish. In this example the old fashioned way of writing these sentences would be "Bu onun hakkinda bir kitaptir" and the other sentence would read "Bu kitap onun hakkindadir" -dir indicating the predicate more clearly.


    This him about a book? Wow, I got it right, but it was a guess :)


    I wrote 'bu kitap onun hakkında ' =(


    completely wrong, "bu" is by itself a subject, if you bring "bu" before the "kitap", then "bu kitap" becomes all together as one subject to give the meaning "This book", but we need this meaning "This is a book ...", so you should separate the "bu" from "kitap" by putting some word in between


    Is "bu" compulsory here ?


    To get the meaning of this, yes.


    Why is kitap placed at the end?


    Confusing and "hakkında bir kitap" feels like it means "about a book".


    I will remind you, modifiers always come before the things they modify in Turkish :D

    "which book" -- "The book about him" "about him" = "onun hakkında"

    Ergo "onun hakkında bir kitap"

    "hakkında" is also a postposition (there are no prepositions in Turkish). If you wanted to say "about a book" the postposition would come after/post "a book."

    So, "bir kitap hakkında"

    It just takes some reprogramming of the mind to understand it. :)


    Sorry, I am confused because you said that modifiers always come before but then you said there are no prepositions... Can you clarify?


    I think he means that (onun hakkinda) would be the modifier of "bir kitap", as if saying "an about-himish book". And "about" is a preposition in English grammar, but in Turkish it translates to a possession expression: "onun hakkinda" = (on-un hak-ı)-n-da (-n as buffer), kind of "in (-da) the title of him (onun hakkı)". Have a look at www.turkishclass.com/forumTitle_58642 for an explanation on why the 'k' gets doubled.


    bu kitap onun hakkında isn't right?


    Nope. That would be "This book is about him" which is an ever so slightly different sentence in English :)


    What about bu bir kitap onun hakkinda?


    'This book is about him' and 'this is a book about him' mean exactly the same. I think Duolingo is sometimes trying to confuse.


    Can you also say..bunu onun hakkında bir kitap.?


    Now i understand that it's true : For example when we talk about someone and i tell you " this book is about him " Bu onun hakkında bir kitap " its very clear


    What is grammatically wrong with Bu bir kitap onun hakkında?


    Since "bu" is being used, shouldn't it accusative "kitabi"?


    Why "onun hakkında" instead of "o hakkında"?


    This word order does not make any sense to me. Please help


    Try this, except for the subject, read Turkish backwards to translate.


    "This is a book about that" (as in a particular subject) would be written as,

    "Bu onunla ilgili bir kitap".


    Could i translate: "Bu ona hakkinda bir kitap" ? thank you! Does hakkinda prefer the dative with pronouns? thank you!


    Why was "Bu hakkında bir kitap" wrong? Is "onun" necessary?

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