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  5. "Kitapları okula taşıdım."

"Kitapları okula taşıdım."

Translation:I carried the books to the school.

May 22, 2015



what verb do you use to describe moving out from your home to another ? i remember my friend asking like "taşıdınız mı?" or something like that, so is it the same verb or the one i am talking about is a diffident one ?


that's taşınmak, not taşımak.


oh okay, thank you.


how about ''i took the books to the school''


why is there no 'y' in the verb ?


Hmm. Do you have an example for when there is a 'y' in a verb?


I've realised it is only for the verb 'to be'


If you were saying "I carried books to school" (books in general, not THE books), would the first word be "Kitaplar"?


No. There is an okula in between. You can never have an object in the nominative form AND have the object far from the verb.

"Kitaplar taşıdım okula" or "Okula kitaplar taşıdım" would normally work. But nowadays, we try and avoid using indefinite objects in plural (unless it's a song or a poetry). We'd go for singular: Okula kitap taşıdım. (Which can also mean I carried a book to school, but context makes it clear. If in need, you can use quantifiers like: birkaç kitap (some books), bir sürü kitap (a lot of books), and so on.)


Hızlı cevabınız için teşekkürler. Bu mantıklı. Thanks for your quick reply. This makes sense. (And thanks, Taoeba, for helping me with the preceding phrases.)


i carried the books at the school " okulda kitaplar taşıdım" değil mi?


"Kitapları okula taşıdım." Translation: I carried the books to the school.


I carried the books to school.

Correct other English answer accepted by Duo.

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