"No beer, please."

Translation:Geen bier, alstublieft.

May 22, 2015



Why cant i use nee in place of geen in this sentence. Im having a hard time understanding the difference between nee and geen.

October 14, 2015

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Nee is no in the sense of the answer to a yes/no question. Geen is an adjective, as in "I have no money." If you were Dutch, the phrase "my car is running" might be confusing. It's best, when learning a foreign language, not to think of your native language's equivalent, but rather the meaning as a whole. Don't think "de hoed means the hat." Picture a hat in your mind while saying or thinking "de hoed."

November 11, 2015

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Good explaination.

December 2, 2015


why not niet though? i don't understand :(

February 1, 2016


The way I'm coming to understand it is that "geen" is used to negate nouns, such as beer, and "niet" is used for verbs and everything else -- so basically any time you can use "no" in front of a noun, it's "geen". There was no verb here, so it couldn't be "niet". But your comment was from a year ago -- you've probably worked this out by now.

January 1, 2018
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