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ihre and Ihre

in one of the practice examples two of the options presented for the translation of "Die Katzen trinken ihre Milch" are "the cats drink their milk" and "the cats drink your milk". I think the second option is not correct. For it to be correct the sentence should have been "Ihre" (capitalized), not "ihre"

May 16, 2012



ihr(e) = her, its, their Ihre = your (formal singular or plural)

The OP is correct that it should have been capitalized to mean "your." It is equivalent to the way "sie" and "Sie" are used as nom. pronouns.

June 27, 2012


@kaet: unfortunately, this problem seems to persist although I know that several people already have reported it to duolinguo. You're perfectly right that 'Er sieht Sie' means 'he sees you (formal)', 'Er sieht sie' means either 'He sees them' or 'He sees her'. I wonder when they'll finally manage to correct this in the system...

July 16, 2012


It could also be "The cats drink her milk." right?

June 22, 2012


Why is ihre not listed for 'her', 'their' and 'your' in the Tips and Notes? I'm not sure I understand where you would use ihre over sie.

June 24, 2012

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And yet I've just had a multiple-choice where the only possible answer (which was marked correct) for 'Er sieht sie' was 'He sees you' when I wanted to put 'He sees her' considering it wasn't 'Er sieht Sie'.

July 16, 2012


@alexgmcm: Yes!

June 22, 2012


All I can say is this is the hardest section I've come across so far in German. For some reason it's not clicking for me.

July 31, 2013


I agree. I've never seen so many crying owls. This is one time where it would be beneficial to be in an actual class.

August 26, 2013


@rigomez: Yes, you're right.

May 17, 2012


@cmorlotte: Here is a summary of German possessive pronouns http://www.udoklinger.de/Deutsch/Grammatik/Pronomen.htm#Possessivpronomen The form you have to use depends on number and gender of both the owner an the thing/things owned and on the case. The information you're looking for is summarized under '3.Person sing. sie' and '3.Person plur. sie'. Hope that helps.

September 28, 2012


@cmorlotte: 'Die Katze' is feminine in German, so you have to use 'ihre'. I guess the way you're thinking about it ('ihre' means 'hers') is suboptimal since grammatical gender sometimes differs in English and German. This can become very confusing. It's probably better to take an entirely inner-German perspective: 'which pronoun goes with which gender in German'. (BTW: You probably have heard some German say something like 'The girl looks beautiful. I like its skirt' - the problem is present in both directions. But I have to admit that the plethora of German pronouns is certainly more difficult to handle ;-) )

September 29, 2012


duolingo -- please fix the several german answer-typos in this unit! thanks!

August 10, 2012


Just to clarify: Is ihr equivalent to "its"? I've seen sein used for his/its and ihr for her/their. So is sein strictly for "his" and ihr for "her/its/their"?

September 28, 2012


@wataya: Thanks a lot for your help. Just one last doubt. In the phrase "Die Katze trinkt ihre Milch", Duolingo lists "The cat drinks its milk" as an option. According to the charts ihr can mean either "her (sie)" or "their (sie)". Am I missing something or is that just an error?

September 29, 2012
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