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"Cats and dogs"

Translation:Коти і собаки

May 22, 2015



Hello, excuse me. Why cannot I say кішки here?


Diaspora Ukrainians will also use "пес, пси" for dog, dogs (similar to Polish), but I guess this isn't used much in Kyiv?


We have "пес", but I think it's just a little more harsh


Haha, that's funny, in my head "собака" has typically sounded more harsh, like if someone wanted to call a guy a dirty dog or scoundrel I would imagine using "собака", but when your house dog is being a good dog I would imagine using "гарний, добрий пес", but I think that is just how I pictured it but I think either word can do in either case. Looking briefly online it seems like a version of "пес" is used in almost all slavic languages including Ukr and Rus, and "собака" is used only in Ukr and Rus.

Anyway, just curious.


Actually, you can make both to sound harsh :)


Not all ukrainian think that "пес" it is more harsh. I am native Ukrainian speaker from Kyiv and in my had "пес" souds more kindly than "собака". I often say "пес, песик", like this we also call sometimes the sign for e-mail : @ (песик). And don`t forget that in Ukraine we call "собака" only male animal :)


Собака is a masculine noun, but that doesn't mean that you have to "check" every dog you meet to be able to call it "собака" :)


o, yea, sorry)) i`d mean "cобака" is a masculine noun.


In Russian "собака" is a female dog and "пес" is a male dog. And what is a female dog in Ukrainian?


Marina, according to the dictionary "собака" is used for both, male and female dogs. I don't know what it's actually like though. It's just what the dictionary says.

Apparently the word itself has a masculine gender, but it's equally used for dogs of both sexes.


Is there a difference between і and та?


They mean the same, you choose whichever one you want based on how it would sound -- though, it seems that і is more preferable.


Thank you :) I've heard that й is also used to mean 'and' - is it true? And do we pronounce it like и because it is a single letter?


It's true. It's pronounced like y in hey.


That's great! And again is there no rule of when to use it (just how the sentence will sound)?


Yes :) It's a great word to use between two vowels!


I used собакi instead as the plural, and ti was accepted. Is that correct?


That's a glitch


What is the difference between і and а?


the lady pronounces the 'и' in "коти" as ee, is this correct or wrong?


Vždyť jsem tam napsala úplně to samé!

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