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will there be an advanced courses?

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once you finished the tree, you are still not fluent in that language, will there be a second course? :)

and thank you so much for this site! it's great!

5 years ago


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I think working on the real-world translations will still help you with reading and writing in the language you're learning. Helping you reach speaking fluency seems much more difficult.

5 years ago

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I know that reach spaking fluency is much more difficult. In any case I hope for more advanced courses, since - expecially with very grammatical languages (i.e. all the 'latin' languages, but also German ...) need in any case a lot more of exercise (and grammar) to reach at least a basic level of authonomy. In any case, thanks and happy new year!

5 years ago

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I agree. I think that active listening would also be good - such as listening/dictaction exercises using everyday situations.

5 years ago


For entertaining and educational listening try LoMasTV.

5 years ago


1)You can reach proficiency with a set course, but reaching fluency will depend on YOU. After a certain point, you have to seek out your own material. 2) It would be nice for Duolingo to give supplementary material after you finish the tree. For example, instead of using the 'intuit' RosettaStone-style learning, they could provide worksheet-style lessons for those who have reached proficiency. These sheets could focus on certain nuances in the language which are not necessary for basic comprehension. Further lessons might expand your knowledge of synonyms and more precise words to express yourself. For example, instead of ' he said' you might want to say 'he shouted' 'he cried' 'he mumbled' 'he giggled' 'he grumbled,' etc.

5 years ago


In my opinion, in order for fluency to be achieved you need to, at some point, start actually communicating. Practice and more lessons can only do so much for anyone. Which is why I would really, really like to see duolingo somehow promote discussion between its members in the foreign languages.

There should be a "Spanish only" "French only" etc discussion forum where you can discuss everything from politics to the latest movies and sports.

5 years ago