"Das Fenster und der Tisch"

Translation:The window and the table

September 26, 2013

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When you mouse over the word "Tisch", it gives "table" and "desk" for the options. However, when you answer with "desk" it's marked wrong. Why bother having that as an option if it's wrong?


Same question. I believe a desk is "ein tisch".


It sounds like the male is saying "...uns der Tisch."


Is this normal? I like it because it's easier to join und and der, but don't want to adopt it if it's incorrect


Why is "windows" not accepted? It is listed as a translation. How would the sentence differentiate

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    'Windows' is plural while 'das Fenster' (the window) is singular. 'The windows and the table' would be: 'Die Fenster und der Tisch'


    It's because Fenster could be either one, depending on the article.


    The male voice pronounces der in a way you can only guess what he's saying... His overall pronunciation is inferior to lady we had before


    Das fenster... How to make the difference between That window, and The window?


    "The window" is "das Fenster", while "that window" is "dieses Fenster".

    Is that green? = Ist das/dies grün? -here the "that" is without a noun. --> Das ist schön. Das ist mein Vater. = That is fine. That is my father.

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      Can someone please tell me if I have noticed something good: You know the vowels a-e-i-o-u. Everyone does. Now, to figure out when DIE, DER, or DAS is used with whatever word, I noticed that the word is preceded by the form with the previous letter in the vowel order. An example: dEr T-I-sch DER has 'E' and the following letter in Tisch is I. Another example: Das Fenster. dAs fEnster. So if I just follow the sequence of vowels (a-e-i-o-u), will this work?:)


      Following the a-e-i-o-u sequence:


      • der Garten (garden)
      • der Teller (plate)
      • der Himmel (sky)
      • der Boden (ground)
      • der Mund (mouth)


      • das Wasser (water)
      • das Telefon (telephone)
      • das Bild (picture)
      • das Holz (wood)
      • das Flugzeug (plane

      Any vowel may follow der or das; sorry, there is no pattern or trick here.

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        Rats^^ It was an exciting guess:)


        Why is 'die Tafel' wrong?


        In a slow mode "der" is pronounced as "die"

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