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  5. "Skilpadda spiser."

"Skilpadda spiser."

Translation:The turtle is eating.

May 22, 2015



So is skilpadde feminine?


Yes. But masculine too. The choice is yours.


So, the turtle is transgender? :v


All feminine nouns may be inflected as if they were masculine nouns :)

In Swedish and Danish masculine and feminine have merged into a common gender.


Indeed, but both skilpadden and skilpadda is acceptable. Use this when you are in doubt of a word's gender: http://www.nob-ordbok.uio.no/perl/ordbok.cgi?OPP=skilpadde&bokmaal=+&ordbok=bokmaal. The m means male, and f female. (it says m1 and f1 thought, dont care about that. Click on the m1 or f1 to see the conjugations)


Well, it's not at least for now -- skilpadden is still marked as wrong.


Grammatically it's correct. But in this task she says skilpadda, not skilpadden. Therefore it's wrong.


What's the difference between skilpadde and skilpadda?


en/ei skilpadde = a turtle (indefine form)
skilpadden/skilpadda = the turtle (definite form)


do words such as skilpadda/skilpadde and jente/jenta have any variation in pronunciation? and if not is there some sort of difference in grammar which differentiates between a singular/plural subject?


There should be an audible difference between the -a and the -e endings. That said, you may also get clues from the preceeding article/adjective: It's never 'en liten jenta', nor 'skilpadde mi'; these are grammatically incorrect :)

The plural form is 'skilpadder' and 'jenter' (indefinite), and 'skilpaddene' and 'jentene'. Note that an -a suffix marks the plural for a few neuter plural definite nouns (such as 'barna').


I find it difficult to discern the difference between skilpaddA and skilpaddE. Can someone explain how to hear it?


Looks like I had the same issue with this exercise most others did. Hearing the difference between -a and -e, but looking back, I should've slowed down and recognized that there was no article. It could have only been "Skilpadda" "The turtle" since "En" didn't precede it. I am having so much fun. Tusen takk to the lovely people that contributed to this course.


It pronunciation is "shilpadda" ?

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