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Non-expert contributions

Would there be a way for non-experts to contribute to the user-added languages at all? Maybe if the experts give a list of words that need to be translated, and which order on the tree they should be placed in, non-experts can find translations of words, whether by dictionary or translator, add them, and the most commonly submitted translations will be the ones used. But an expert can, of course, override the translations if he/she finds something not correct grammatically, or if the word is just plain wrong. I don't know, just an idea.

September 26, 2013

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I expect that we, the non-experts, are going to have a very important role ......

We are the GUINEA PIGS.

We will get to try out the new languages and give them feed back.

Also, we could get little pom poms and cheer the "experts" on. I'm going to be on the Japanese cheering squad. I would really like to learn to speak Japanese.

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