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  5. "Eve kadar yürüyebilir misin?"

"Eve kadar yürüyebilir misin?"

Translation:Can you walk home?

May 22, 2015



What difference does the word 'kadar' make here? Does it mean something like: Can you walk all the way until home? Maybe somebody injured his leg and you wonder if he'll make it... ?


'kadar', in this sentence, means 'until'. i am sure now :D

eve yürüyebilir misin? = can you walk home?

eve kadar yürüyebilir misin? can you walk until home


I think so too. The dictionary says it can mean 'as far as a place' so maybe a better translation could be 'Are you able to walk all the way home' or something.


My partner (who is a native speaker) confirms this. When introducing kadar into the sentence, the focus slightly changes from whether (or not) they can walk (to home), to whether they can walk all the way home (which is implied to be a long distance).


'Kadar' adds the meaning of 'much'. It is actually the same as 'how much'. So it makes 'eve kadar yuruyebilir misin?' Mean like can you walk as much? Are you able to?


Is 'kadar' optional?


without kadar the sentence also sounds fine to me but i am not sure both sentences mean same thing.


maybe a native speaker has an answer to that


Ich bin mit dir einig Prinzessin, turkish is just unbelievable


"Eve kadar yürüyebilir misin?" Translation: Can you walk home?


Can you walk as far as home? - Correct.

Kadar (adverb) - "as far as."

Ebru Yaşar - Aşkımız buraya kadar. Our love has come this far.

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