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  5. "Ти не там."

"Ти не там."

Translation:You are not there.

May 22, 2015



I said there! Ugh. Im learning this to communicate with my family. Im the only grandchild who is learning this from my grandma.


You GO Girl! Make your Baba proud! :)


is H more like English M or N?


Ukrainian H = English N


I was given to understand that 'и' sounds like the 'i' in 'bit', but on the recording it sounds like 'ee', which I though was 'i' in Ukrainian. Is the recording off or is the pronunciation flexible/does it vary individually?

(or am I just hearing things)


No no, и is not like i. It is sometimes similar to the English short "i" like you said (as in "bit", "fit" etc.) or sometimes like that sound you make when you say "the" followed by a vowel (e.g. "the end", "the answer")

Try to do this: start saying the Ukrainian "i" (or "ee" in English as in "weed") but don't press your tongue to the roof of your moth so much, try to adjust it as if you were saying "e".

Or the opposite: start saying "e" (the Ukrainian one) but make your mouth wide as if you were saying "i" or "ee".


Could this sentence as well mean: "(You,) Don't go there." ?


No. This is not a command. Also, as you'll learn later, the directional there ("to there") is a different word, туди.


Why not ви instead of ти?


In modern English "you" is might be addressed to one person and to many. In Ukrainian it is two different words: ти ("you" to one person, medieval "thou") and ви ("you" to many people). For example, German has this difference too.


Why couldn't this sentence be "Are you not there?"


Because it is not a question, either in spelling or intonation

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