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Learning multiple languages at the same time

I know French very well and I am in the advanced levels on Dulingo. I have no problem learning French as well as other languages.

I know Spanish a little and also have no problem separating it from English and French.

Now I'm trying a little experiment. Can I use Duolingo to brush up my French, get better at Spanish, and learn Italian and German at the same time?

So far I'm at Level 1 and 2 in German and Italian and so far so good. Any thoughts?

September 26, 2013



I've been doing one lesson in the five languages every day, and it's been no problem. I had previous experience with French, Portuguese, and Spanish but this is my first exposure with any German or Italian. My original intention was just to try them all out, because I was excited to learn, and then choose just one or two to focus on. But I find it isn't as overwhelming as it seems - as long as I stick to just one lesson each per day. If your looking to finish a skill tree quickly, it's not the best method, but I enjoy learning them more slowly. And I find my knowledge of the different languages helps me learn the others, with minimal confusion.

Really - what's the harm in trying? If it doesn't work out, you will at least have a notion of which languages you'd like to learn best. And you might surprise yourself and thrive learning more than one! I'm just saying you shouldn't start off doubting yourself, the rewards for trying to achieve more can only be beneficial.

Good luck!


I think it would be easier to focus on one new language at a time, but if you feel you can do it, while remembering everything, then go for it.


I'm not sure you should learn all of them at the same time. You are overstretching yourself. In my opinion it is best to focus on one and occasionally do another. I mainly focus on French and do a bit of German on the side. I do make sure i am studying German everyday though, just not to the same extent as French.

I also made sure i was ok at French before i started German. You can get confused though, my brain will often automatically start translating into French when I am studying German. I still write 'est' all of the time instead of 'ist'. The romance languges are very similar so you may make mistakes like that quite often. Maybe you shoud study two very different languages like French and German. But If you think you can learn them all at once, go ahead.


Thanks for the comments. Yes Italian and Spanish and French are somewhat related. German seems quite different. I may just focus on French and Spanish as my established languages and German as a brand new one.


It's possible, just try using a French source to learn German.


I'm doing German mostly but I use Spanish as a relaxation from German. Anyone learning German will know what I'm talking about because it is TOUGH so the Spanish stuff is like cake for me.


I think it would be fine! I am learning Spanish and Arabic now, and also continuing my study of Italian(have studied for four years). Plus Italian and german are different enough to not mix them up

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