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practice weakest words of a skill

You can practise the weakest words with the button 'practise weakest words'. But then you can not see the possible sentences, with the translations. Also, you need 20 right answers for you get any point. Another manner is practise each word on itself. When you got to the words of the skill and click for all the words of the skill, you can arrange the words in order of strenght and then choose the weakest word for practising. But you have it to do for each weak word what is a lot of clicks before you have the second weakest word. It should be possible to practise the weakest words, word by word, and for each word seeing the possible sentences and translations. It should be more effective than the 'practise weakest word' button.

September 26, 2013



Good suggestion, i agree with you on this :)


If you do a timed practice, you get credit for each word you successfully answer.

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