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"Han er en mann, ikke en gutt."

Translation:He is a man, not a boy.

May 22, 2015



ikke is my new favourite word


It rolls off the tongue nicely


I personally think it rolls off the tongue better in Danish, but maybe that's just because you don't have to pronounce half the word hahah


SO "ikke" (not) goes in the same position in a sentence as it does in English?


In this case, yes.

However, if you were to say "Don't do it!" in norsk, it would be much more natural to say "Ikke gjør det!" than "Gjør ikke det! "


To my mind, that is putting the negation the same position. The main verb in this English sentence is the free ‘do’; the ‘do’ within ‘don't’ is just a helper verb. (Compare, say, ‘Don't eat it!’, which I presume becomes ‘Ikke spis det!’ in Norwegian.)


It depends. Word order can be a bit tricky in Norwegian. Ikke is normally placed after the predicate(verb), however, in subordinate clauses it is placed before the predicate, e.g.: 1) Vi har ikke sjokolade(we don't have chocolate) 2) Det er synd at vi ikke har sjokolade(it's a pity that we don't have chocolate).


Thus you say 'It's a sin that we don't have chocolate'? Fun!


The word han sounds different in this sentence and the single word. Confused about the pronunciation...

[deactivated user]

    Correct IPA pronunciation is /hɑn/.

    The sound in this sentence represents the actual word far better than when you click the word itself (Duolingo takes you to the dictionary page) because that version is very hurried.

    Click here to learn more about IPA symbols and sounds.


    "he is a man not a boy" was marked incorrect, why?


    I don't know, maybe a bug. Because I wrote without the comma "," and it acepted as correct.


    weren't you meant to write it in Norwegian?


    I put "Hun" instead of "Han".. i mean thats gender neutral so is it not also an acceptable term?.. would someone who actually specks the language tell me if i was to say it in conversation (because thats what matters to me to know) Thank you in advance to anyone who helps :)


    'hun' means 'she' in English.


    The only thing i got wrong was the coma... i did understand it though


    I put the correct answer and it was marked wrong. Using copy and paste My answer: he is a man not a boy Your answer: He is a man, not a boy. Have you started marking things incorrect for punctuation?

    [deactivated user]

      I don't think Duolingo cares too much about punctuation but still, it's good practice to pay attention to capitalisation and punctuation as well as spelling the words properly to minimise the possibility of Duolingo marking your answers as wrong even though it can recognise typos which aren't grammatical mistakes as well.

      If Duolingo repeatedly marks your answer as incorrect, report it as a bug.


      Predictive text is my worst enemy.


      I've gotten all of the "click the microphone and say:" wrong. I thought it was because I was saying them in Norwegian, and I was supposed to say it in English, so I said it in English, but it's still wrong. Can anyone help me? Thanks to anyone who can!

      [deactivated user]

        You're supposed to say it in Norwegian, the app should not care about your English pronunciation because it assumes that you already know how to pronounce words because it's the language you're learning Norwegian from.

        If you usually don't have difficulties with using your mic and you experienced a problem only with this sentence, then it's probably a bug. Otherwise, try following this algorithm.

        If you're using Chrome, you need to click the lock icon left of "https://duolingo.com". From the drop-down menu, choose Site Settings. Under Permissions/Microphone, select Allow from the drop-down menu. Reload the page, check that your microphone (headset mic or one integrated with headphones) is connected, that you have all the necessary drivers installed (if needed) and make sure it's enabled in your operating system sound settings so you don't end up speaking into a void. You need to have the Speaker enabled in Duolingo settings as well. Then, you just have to wait for a speaking exercise to appear.

        If this doesn't solve your problem, create a thread in the Troubleshooting Discussions.


        Han er en gutt og en mann.

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