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"Você um livro e eu leio o jornal."

Translation:You read a book and I read the newspaper.

December 25, 2012



The "o" here sounds like an "um". Easy to get this one wrong.


It is easier to distinguish them in the slower version


I listened to it in the slower version and still got it wrong :(


I'm Brazilian and even I couldn't hear the "e" in the middle of the sentence.


I missed the "eu"


Very difficult to hear the sentence properly.


It is imposible to hear the E in the middle!


I strongly recommend the re-doing of the portuguese audio. Many sentences are garbled, characterless and/or nearly incomprehensible. I feel the quality is lower than the other languages I've tried. I had to click the slow down button in order to make out the 'and (e)' and the difference between the 'a (um)' and 'the (o)', which was nonexistent in the normal speed audio. If a portuguese native speaker such as myself and other commenters here couldn't understand your audio, it's a sign that maybe you should consider revising it. Best Wishes


Can we say instead of newspaper news? It´s sounds like a better contemporary english to me...


I usually say "paper" instead of "newspaper", and "newspaper" sounds strange to me. I guess it's time to re-educate the program.


"Jornal" can be either printed, radio or television news. So, to your question: yes, and I believe it is even better translated that way!

Just don't confuse "jornal" with "notícia". "Jornal" is the mean of communicating the news (a newspaper, a TV program), and "notícia" is the news itself (the information).


The sound sample here is incomprehensible. At normal speed it sounds as though it's overlapping itself, or garbled somehow.


Still impossible to understand. Are you folks actually working on this, or just saying you're working on it?


It's not impossible to understand....it's not the program either, that's just how the language sounds....for it to be correct grammatically there has to be an "and" (or a comma) there.


Why is there "a" book and "the" newspaper? I believe both should be indefinite?


I don't know if this is a regional idiom, but I would never say "I read a newspaper;" it's always "the newspaper," "the paper," or "the news." The only exception I can think of is if there is an adjective or descriptive clause, such as in "I'm reading an old newspaper" or "I'm reading a paper that I bought on the way to work." But, like I said, this might be somewhat regional.


why e instead of é?


The former is "and", the latter is "it is".


Is pretty wrong how does the woman´s voice, sometimes you don´t understand her properly.


it's você or voçe???


Apparently putting & instead of 'and' is incorect, even though they are the same thing.


I always have an article wrong!! you really need to be careful with them... :(


open your ears and listen Escute! I am just learning and I heard everything in the slower version just keep repeating. it I heard the e and eu


The pronunciation of "o" in "o jornal" is wrong in the slow version. It is pronunced like "ó" (open, something like "aw") instead of the correct pronunciation "o" (closed, something like French "au").


The fast sentence is very choppy

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