"Я не їм мед."

Translation:I do not eat honey.

May 22, 2015

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Is honey literally honey as in the food or is it like a nickname?


Vinnfred is right. Mед is only food. Do not think a person called мед (honey) :))) But you may called a child солоденькИЙ (sweet) for masсuline or солоденькА (for feminine). I think it will a close value.


Why just a child, it's totally acceptable for your loved one :) солоденький/солоденька - sweety


For adult солоденький/солоденька is too sweet :))) In my opinion, sweety better translate like цукерка ;)


huggle - A hug while snuggling: gesture of tender non-sexual affection; To hug and snuggle simultaneously: gesture of tender non-sexual affection; To hug and cuddle; To huddle


:))) Very nice photo. Thank you very much for your links but I didn't understand "Girl: smiles and huggles boy"


Thank you very much. "non-sexual affection" was a very important specification :)))


Does the negated accusative not form the genitive case in Ukrainian like it does in Polish or is this in the genitive case? to me it looks funny just cause its basically the same as in polish but using the "wrong case" if it were in polish (it would be "nie jem miodu" in polish)


Is the first part of every lecture without audio for you as well?


Why doesn't мед take the accusative case ending ?


The accusative case is the same as the nominative case for masculine (non-animate) and neuter nouns.


Їм menas to eat or Їсте means to eat??


Neither of them means "to eat" (infinitive)

As in English, you cannot say "I is" or "you am" or "he are" -- you have to use the right verb form that fits the subject. "I" always goes with "am", for example.

And so in Ukrainian, їм is the verb form for "(I) eat" and їсте is the verb form for "(you, plural) eat".

So if the subject is "I" who is eating, you have to use the form їм.

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    What is to eat conjugation in Ukrainian?


    & How to say "Im not eating honey" ?


    Exactly the same. Ukrainian hasn't Simple and Continuous tense. There is important context there.

    1. I eat honey every day. -- Я їм мед кожного дня.

    2. I am eating honey now. -- Я їм мед зараз.

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