"Ви любите хліб, але ви не любите мед."

Translation:You like bread, but you do not like honey.

May 22, 2015

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Wow, this is awesome. I thought that sentences like this will use infinite number of cases, but this is just the third skill, and I'm already writing long sentences. Ukrainian is awesome!


Yeah. Well done. Good luck.


Так!! I feel the same way


I seem to be having many disagreements with the judge of my speaking excercises. (maybe it doesn't like me) I've tried yesterday and again today and almost every "speak this exercise" I'm gonged all three tries multiple times around. So I said the words/phrases to a Ukrainian friend asking her to simply write back what I said and she sent back the correct answers. So it seems I'm "A" OK with humans but alas my computer judge is not happy with me. Does anyone know which virtual flowers or virtual chocolates I can send it to stop it hating me?

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I have tried to pronounce this sentence 100 times and can't get close to passing. I haven't had trouble with any other sentence. Could there be a problem with this exercise?


I can't say this whole sentence in one go as a beginner in below 5 seconds? What the hell does duolingo think I can do?


the response requires that "you" be used after but. In spoken English "you" is not needed the second time. I think it could be an alternate answer


Yes, in Ukrainian it is also not required. When we say this sentence in real life we will say "Ви любите хліб, але не любите мед". Or even "Ви любите хліб, але не мед" (You like bread but not honey).


I think its an emphasis thing in english


Who dosen't like honey???


Me? But I don´t like it raw. I like it with tea.


И I n a conversation can someone distinguish вы from. Ви?


What do you think I am, a bee?


Not if you like bread but don't like honey.


Все ж мало б бути: "Ви любите хліб, але ви не любите меду". З "не" ми вживаємо родовий відмінок, чому тут знахідний?

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