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How is the fastest way to earn points?

I know this sounds kind of cheap, but how do you get points fastest?

December 25, 2012


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Modify some values in the database.


If you use your lingots to purchase a "Timed Practice," you receive 20 xp (if you answer all the questions correctly) instead of 10 xp for that exercise.
The "Timed Practice," once purchased, can be used repeatedly. It's best used for units where you have strong knowledge, as time can actually run out (unlike the traditional strengthening exercises.)


Translations and practice.


Has this answer changed? New to Duolingo, and will do lessons back to back to back, and still am being left in the dust when other leaders (in the weekly game thing) are in play at the same time. I recently got the timed practice but get 0xp, and stories appear to be the fastest option I’m seeing. Am I missing something with the timed practices earning xp? Thanks


Hi there! To earn points using the "Timed Practice" look for the button that looks like a dumbbell towards the bottom of the screen (desktop version of the app). By clicking this practice button, you can choose a non-timed or a timed practice. The timed practice will always yield 20 points if you score without making any mistakes.

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