"È qui intorno."

Translation:It is around here.

December 25, 2012

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What would be the difference between "È qui intorno" and "È qua" ?


isn't qui means exactly right here but the sentence means around here so why it's not qua?


I'm wondering the same. Maybe it translates more like "It is around exactly here." I can't think of a good meaning for this aside from maybe dropping something small, like an earring. You know roughly the exact place you dropped it, as opposed to "qua" being more of a field when I think of it. I'm making stuff up to try to justify it at this point.


Same thoughts but still no answer in this topic.

As an example: Maybe when you are looking for something and are saying to someone who's helping you to look for it, you would say "I've lost it around this spot" instead of "I've lost it around here."


Does this convey the same meaning as "It's around here somewhere"?


So it's wrong if I say E intorno qui ?


Perhaps "It's around here somewhere" or "it's hereabouts ".


' Qui ' implies that it is close by, reachable, etc.. Also, it seems that ' intorno = around ' is emphasized and placed at the end of the sentence.


"è" applies to third person, why is it here "it" and not "he" or "she"?

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