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I "made" a Ukrainian keyboard cover for my Mac

I could only find stickers to represent the Ukrainian keyboard on a Mac (I'm pretty sure—correct me if I'm wrong). But I was able to buy this Russian keyboard cover and make a few modifications with tape! It's working well!


May 22, 2015



This looks nice! I was thinking about getting a keyboard cover myself. Where did you find this one?


This one was $10 on Amazon. The complaint in the reviews that it slows your typing is true to some extent, but it's not significant enough to bother me at all.



Odd! I just followed the legend my Mac gave me to make this, so I guess the Mac's input is different from the keyboard you've attached! Also, one other note—the є is inverted on the Russian keyboard, but it wasn't enough of a change to make me tape the keys.



I came back to this thread to check OP's layout because I noticed the layout on my mac didn't match a touch typing website and I wanted to triple check that my keys were swapped. Looks like Apple is wrong on this. It's not so bad mechanically having и and й so close, even if it is incorrect.


There are 2 types of Ukrainian keyboard in Mac...there's "Ukrainian" and then there's "Ukrainian-PC". The main difference between the two are the location of"І" and "и"

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