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Norwegian is not in the Android app

SO happy that Norwegian is on Duolingo! I have shared the link pretty much everywhere (Norwegian translation groups, relatives here in the US, you name it).

But I can't find it in the Android app yet. Any word on when this will happen? As soon as it does, my son will start learning.

May 22, 2015



The ones that have just come out of beta will not be on the mobile versions (Ukrainian and Norwegian). It will be on the mobile versions in a couple of weeks or so. The Duolingo team needs to organize it and style the course for the mobile versions.


You can access the site through the browser on your phone. There's a decent mobile version of the app there, or you can switch to the full desktop version whilst still on a mobile device, although you'll have to keep scrolling around to see the whole page.

The delay is because the course need to get more stable before they release it to additional platforms. Once the reports per 100 users drops below a certain threshold, they'll start releasing it to the mobile apps (which will be available as an update, so just keep watch for any updates to the app!). I believe Turkish took around a month (maybe even 6 weeks?) to be released on mobile apps, so even if it feels like a long time, it's coming!


I hadn't thought about that (and I use Duo on my Chrome for Android browser everyday as well). Thanks for sharing it with us - I'm sure it will help more people log in to the Norwegian course :) Vijf lingots voor u!


It takes some time for the IT people to move the courses to the apps (it happened the same thing with Turkish a few months ago).

Just like you took the time to ask people about this, I'm sure someone will find the time to make an announcement here in the forums as soon as the Norwegian course for the app is ready.


Thanks guys. I will try using it in the browser until then.

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