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"We are eating a few minutes after midnight."

Translation:Vi spiser noen minutter etter midnatt.

May 22, 2015



A few minutes= noen få minutter Why does it say I'm wrong?


"Few" and "a few" have two slightly different meanings in English. The first implies a markedly small number. The second is synonymous with "some." That's also what "noen" means, "some" or "a few," but not "few." "Noen få minutter" literally translates to "some few minutes," which does not make sense in either language.


I disagree that 'some few' does not make sense (in English anyway). It definitely means something different, It basically means multiple, but not many.


I was going to call you a pedant, but if there's any place to be a pedant, here is such a place!


I wrote the translation as "Vi spiser noen minutter over midnatt.", and was marked correct. May I know if "over" fits this context, and also when would one prefer the use "over" or "etter" instead of the other?


So I said spiser but it misheard and put skal. But it marked skal as right. I don't really understand

"Vi skal ete noen minutter etter midnatt."


My guess would be that "skal" stands for the future tense, while "ete" is another word for eating. In Danish it has connotations with animals feeding on something, or with overeating. I am not sure of Norwegian, but see for yourself: https://ordbok.uib.no/perl/ordbok.cgi?OPP=ete , https://www.naob.no/ordbok/ete_2


If minutt is neutral why isn't the plural minutt instead of minutter? Thanks


Word gender and irregular plurals are separate concepts.

You're right that most (but not all) neuter mono-syllable (IE, only one syllable) words have a plural form that is the same as the singular form. There are exceptions. There are also some masculine and feminine mono-syllable words that are the same in singular and plural.

Here's some examples, and a more in-depth explanation: https://wiki.ucl.ac.uk/display/ScanStuds/Norwegian+Nouns


We are eating a few minutes after midnight= Vi spiser noen få minutter over midnatt

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