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  5. "In the fall we read books."

"In the fall we read books."

Translation:Om høsten leser vi bøker.

May 22, 2015



Why is "om høsten vi leser bøker" not correct?


You wrote this quite a long time ago, but to add to the other replies...the verb must be the second element of a Norwegian sentence. If you have a time, place, question word, etc listed first, the verb must come after. I think it's called V2 or verb-second rule. A few examples:

I morgen, skal vi komme hjem. I fjor, bodde jeg i Norge. I Norge, spiser de brunost. Her er det. Hvordan går det?


thats exactly my question too ._. Why is it "om høsten leser vi bøker" ? Is there a rule?


Yes, there's a rule. I think it has to do with words to do with time, like if you want to say 'now we are eating' you have to say 'når spiser vi'. The verb gets put first.


I think where the first word is an adverb or a group of words that works as an adverb, the order changes and the verb goes first. If you say the adverb in the end of the sentence, then the order doesn't change. Nå leser vi bøker - Vi leser bøker nå. (Sorry for bad English, it's not my native language either).


Isn't it "I høsten, i vinteren, i sommeren, i våren"?


No, "på" is correct here. In general, Norwegian prepositions are damn hard to learn though, so I wouldn't worry too much about it. Even as a native speaker, I struggle with them myself sometimes.


No, it should be "om", not "på". "Om høsten, om vinteren, om våren, om sommeren ... leser vi bøker". Note: om + definite form of the noun. This can always be translated as "During the spring/summer/autumn/winter we read books".

But: "I sommer skal vi på ferie" (This summer we're going on holiday), "I høst skal vi til England". Note: i + indefinite form of the noun.


You're probably right. Is "på høsten" always wrong, though? According to Google, "på høsten" is more commonly used than "om høsten". If you can provide a source for that rule, I'd love to see it. I'm genuinely curious. :-)


I see your point - and I did try to find a source for it, without much success... This is the best I can do: http://www3.hf.uio.no/iln/studier/evu/norskkurs/igin/niva1/Preposisjoner_og_Adverb/test.php?exid=6_7&type=1&level=1

If you try to input "på" instead of "om", it gets marked incorrect.

I think Google gives loads of hits for "på sommeren/høsten" in part because of other sentence constructions: "Vi venter på sommeren", "forsmak på vinteren" etc.

But yes, I hear "på sommeren" often, I think I say it myself too. I just have a feeling it's not grammatically correct.

And I see that even Språkrådet uses the example "Litt senere på sommeren", so both "om" and "på" should probably be concidered correct: http://www.sprakradet.no/sprakhjelp/Skriverad/Preposisjonsbruk_bm/I_eller_paa/

Sorry to have been so ...påståelig (hva det nå enn er på engelsk :)


Thank you for the links, very interesting! I think you're probably correct in that "om" is the word that should be used in this sentence. But I guess this discussion at least proves one of my points; that Norwegian prepositions are damn hard to get the hang of. :-)

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