"Ser du meg?"

Translation:Do you see me?

May 22, 2015

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We do John Cena....


When do I use Ham, henne, etc, and when do I use Han, Hun, etc?


subject pronouns:

jeg = I
du = you (singular)
han = he
hun = she

vi = we
dere = you (plural)
de = they

object pronouns:

meg = me
deg = you (singular)
ham* = him
henne = her

oss = us
dere = you (plural)
dem = them

*You may also use "han" as an object pronoun, but in this course we teach "ham".

Use a subject pronoun for the person/people doing something in the sentence, and an object pronoun for the person/people having something done to them.


"Are you seeing me?" should be accepted, I guess. I´ll report it just in case.


I'm going back through the older lessons just to get that shiny golden goodness, and I think I noticed something, but I'm not quite sure. Do questions in norwegian like this usually start with the verb, and then go to the subject and direct object?


Does the verb "å se" mean "to see" but also "to understand" such as in English?


No, it only means "to see" in Norwegian.

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