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  5. "Мене звуть Віктор."

"Мене звуть Віктор."

Translation:My name is Victor.

May 22, 2015



Is there any difference between "мене звати" and "мене звуть"?


No. I prefer the first variant, but that is just my personal preference


For звати I input "I am called" and it accepted. For звуть I used the same but it corrected to "they call me". Is this the difference? Or merely a mistake? Is there a grammatical difference at all? Btw, Vinnfred, youre making this a wonderfl experience by interacting and answer so many questions. Same goes for the rest of you.


There's no difference what to say when you are introducing yourself. But technically звати is infinitive, infinitive is used in some common impersonal phrases which are usually translated to English using passive. "Звуть" is a form of verb which is used with third person plural (they).


You say Я Віктор as well, right?


Well, it is sometimes used when you introduce yourself


"They call me Victor" is accepted but "I'm called Victor" is not?


This was already disscused on this thread. "Звуть" is a form of verb which is used with third person plural (they), that's why "they call" is accepted, but that kind of passive (I am called) requires infinitive in Ukrainian (which is звати)


What's the difference between звати and "моя імя"?


Звати is from the verb 'to call'. Ім'я is 'name'.

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