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  5. "An engineer and a designer"

"An engineer and a designer"

Translation:Інженер і дизайнер

May 23, 2015



...Doesn't ’та' also mean 'and'? Why wasn't that accepted?


Yes, it is. It should be. However, in this sentence I think "i" is the preferred variant, as first word ends and second starts with a consonant, so it is better to put a vowel between them


Actually, it may have something to do with the degree of contrast. For instance, in English we have and, but, or. I don't know this for a fact about Ukrainian, but I do know that it operates a LOT like Russian, in which I am already fluent. And in Russian, they have "и" "a" and "но". и and a both mean "and". However, "a" is used where there is slightly more contrast between the things being enumerated, and и is used when there is no contrast between the things being enumerated. If the sentence "an engineer and designer" were to be translated into Russian, the form of "and" they would use would be и, which translates directly to "i" in Ukrainian. So "Ta" (sorry I don't have extra language keyboards right now) may be used similarly to the way "a" is in Russian. и

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