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  5. "He is my friend."

"He is my friend."

Translation:C'est mon ami.

December 25, 2012



Shouldn't "C'est mon ami" be translated as "It is my friend"? I think a more proper translation for "He is my friend" is "Il est mon ami".


Shouldn't "Il est mon copain" be accepted? If not: why?


It is possible because "mon" gives the possession a kind of uniqueness. But be aware that "c'est mon copain/ami" is far more common.


So could this refer to a boyfriend, too, or is it only for non-romantic friends?


A friend is a friend = un(e) ami(e) est un(e) ami(e), and you can keep it as such if you don't want to go into the details of your relations with that friend. In French at least, "un(e) ami(e)" does not have any romantic connotation.

So if you want to express that it is your boyfriend, you will use "petit(e) ami(e)".


I get a little frustrated by the switcheroos. Ami. Copine.

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