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  5. "He is my friend."

"He is my friend."

Translation:C'est mon ami.

December 25, 2012



Shouldn't "C'est mon ami" be translated as "It is my friend"? I think a more proper translation for "He is my friend" is "Il est mon ami".


Not sure this helps, from my reading of the article it suggests if we are describing "him (the person)" it is "Il est mon ami", if we are describing the "relationship (situation)" it is "C'est mon ami." I am not sure how we are meant to distinguish the difference with no other context.


The French don't say "Il est mon ami" unless they want to use a stylistic effect.

He is my friend = C'est mon ami.


OK, Thanks for the quick reply


Shouldn't "Il est mon copain" be accepted? If not: why?


It is possible because "mon" gives the possession a kind of uniqueness. But be aware that "c'est mon copain/ami" is far more common.


Another stupid Duolingo inconsistency.

"Il est mon ami" is perfectly valid French and should be accepted.

"C'est mon ami" is literally "This is my friend" or "That is my friend". It can mean "He is my friend" but the statement above is also correct.


You should go with the basic grammar rules, including this one:

"Il/Elle est + determiner + noun" must change to "C'est + determiner + noun".

He is my friend --> C'est mon ami.
She is my friend --> C'est mon amie.


True even if il est mon ami is almost never employed. We say usually c'est mon ami.


What are the green/red arrows for? Oops.


Thank you. I am here for that sentence too. Totally agree.


So could this refer to a boyfriend, too, or is it only for non-romantic friends?


A friend is a friend = un(e) ami(e) est un(e) ami(e), and you can keep it as such if you don't want to go into the details of your relations with that friend. In French at least, "un(e) ami(e)" does not have any romantic connotation.

So if you want to express that it is your boyfriend, you will use "petit(e) ami(e)".


Ami is for "just" friend, but can be used for boyfriend even if it is rarely. We use mainly "copain" which is rather commonly also for friend.


I get a little frustrated by the switcheroos. Ami. Copine.


i wrote il est mon ami..........why is this wrong?


What's wrong with "Il est mon ami?"


"Il est mon ami" must be accepted. Even if we say commonly "c'est mon ami", "il est mon ami" is totally right and it is like that we should speak in "good French".


The rule changing "il est + determiner" to "c'est + determiner" is one of proper French.

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