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  5. "Ben her gece uyuyorum."

"Ben her gece uyuyorum."

Translation:I sleep every night.

May 23, 2015



Why is it uyuyorum? If it is something happening every night, shouldn't the verb form be "uyarum" (or "uyurum"? not sure). After all, it's a habitual action.


Uyurum, yes. Both uyurum and uyuyorum are acceptable.

Turkish simple present tense is not the same as the English simple present. It can be used for habitual actions, but it's not obligatory. That tense has a wide range of other important uses. You may want to take a look at: Aorist Usage.


The link is not working. And I do not understand that Turkish present continuous tense.


Excuse me, I answered 'all the nights', is it correct?


Nope. That is not idiomatic in English :)


Great series, thank you for this link!


The link still doesn't work (leads to a blank page). Is there any other explanation on why and how continuous tense can/should be used for habitual actions?


Uyurum(simple) , uyuyorum(continue tense )


Why didn't we say "Ben her gecede uyuyorum", as I sleep "at night"?.

In addition, I don't get the present simple/ continuous thing in Turkish, just like almost everybody else.


what about "I always sleep at night" vs "every"? I thought the meaning of "her gece" was more like that (although nights make a bad example.. but somewhere else there was an example about every time vs. always...)


It is not, "her gece" definitely means "every night" :) If you wanted to just say "at night," you would simply say "gece" :)


who would have thought?


I wrote ' I sleep every night' then seeing tbe continous verb for sleep I corrected my sentence and wrote I am sleeping every night and got it wrong


I answered "I'm sleeping all night"... it was wrong but i don't get why :( 'her gece' can't be translated as 'all night'?


It means "Bütün gece uyuyorum." and that implies only one night. In other words you spend your time sleeping at a whole night. But i see what you mean. The sentences "Her çocuk güzeldir." and "Bütün çocuklar güzeldir." have the same meaning but "Her gece uyuyorum" and "Bütün gece uyuyorum" do not. You might say "Bütün geceler uyuyorum." but it sounds very weird.

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