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  5. "Tá an banc ar an mbealach."

" an banc ar an mbealach."

Translation:The bank is on the way.

May 23, 2015



Where is the bank going?


why is "the bank is on the route" not accepted?


bealach is 'way' as in 'the Appian Way' or as in 'we'll grab a pint on the way' ?

[deactivated user]


    "There is a bank on the way" is not acceptable?


    No. The Irish has a definite referent an banc, so the English would need to be as well.


    Is that the way one can diferential Tá being There Is and just is? The use of An (the) in the sentence?


    "There is" is just a weird thing about English.

    Tá banc ar an mbealach could be "A bank is on the way", (just changing the article) but English speakers prefer to say "There is a bank on the way". "A bank is on the way" isn't grammatically wrong, it just sounds weird, even though all you've changed is the definite article to an indefinite article. But learners need to know how to translate sentences that start "there is a ..." into Irish (it's very common in English), and it's just Tá ... because Irish doesn't have that weirdness - if you're taking about "a bank" it's just banc, if it's "the bank" , the rest of the sentence doesn't change - __ ar an mbealach.


    This finally makes sense to me. Thank you!

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