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"I am not a daughter, I am an aunt."

Translation:Я не донька, я тітка.

May 23, 2015



Why is the other form of daughter not acceptable? What is the difference?


Which other form? Дочка, доня, доця should be valid, maybe they haven't added all of those to database yet


Дочка should, but this is beta, so... As to other words, they are diminutives, really colloquial, something your mom would call you, but not something you would use to refer to yourself


Ahh, good point, thanks


It's right because such words are a lot. Донька, донечка, донюся, донюсічка, доця, доцюня доцюнічка, доцюсічка... :-)


because the other says she is a mother, not an aunt


I am not a daughter, I am an aunt dosent make much sense...


You are not a daughter...? How exactly did you get here then...? :-P


I put "Не донька, я тітка" and it counted it as wrong. Since the only difference is the subject, я, does this mean that Ukrainian is NOT like Spanish and/or Italian where the conjugation of the verb is sufficient to imply the subject, and that in Ukrainian it's always required to write out who the person is that's the verb corresponds to?


It's not like Spanish were pronouns should be omitted, but we can omit them colloquially. But your sentence is kind of ambiguous because there's no verb to imply the subject, it has only object


Ahhh, thanks for the help. I guess I hadn't necessarily thought about how, since the "to be" verbs get implied, that there wasn't any distinct way to tell who the subject had been. It makes sense now (I think).


I almost answered with "Це не" so I wanted to know: would using "Це не донька, це тітка" be correct, too? If not, why?


That's a correct Ukr sentence, but not what you were asked to translate. "Це не донька, це тітка" = That's not a daughter, that's an aunt


How do I transliterate the 'ya' symbol? 'Ya' is flagged as a typo.


Я - you have to use Ukrainian keyboard.

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