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  5. "The garden is there."

"The garden is there."

Translation:Сад там.

May 23, 2015



'the' has 4 translations under it, what is the difference between them and are they needed at all?


Well, 'цей' is masculine, 'ця' is feminine, 'це' is neuter, 'ці' is plural. Yes, we can omit them because, as it's mentioned in Letters 1 description, 'There are no articles a/an, the in Ukrainian language. The meaning of English articles is usually conveyed by the context'.


Thanks, that clears up a lot!


So when can є be used?


It is acceptable, but sounds very philosophical (e.g. Любов є страдання = Love is suffering ) or dictionary-like (Школа є місце, де... = School is a place where...)

Also because "є" means "to have" in 90% of the cases. We very often use a reflexive way of saying "I have":

1) (direct) Я маю кота (literally: "I have cat" = I have a cat)

2) (reflexive) У мене є кіт (literally: "At me is a cat" = I have a cat) - more spoken

So if you say Сад є там or even Там є сад it sounds more like "There is a garden there" than "The garden is there".


To be honest, you just have to feel it and learn by example :D Because sentences with є aren't grammatically wrong, just some of them are really unnatural to the native speaker's ear


i wrote город instead of сад. It was marked as wrong. Is it a legitimate answer?


"горо́д" is usually referred to a vegetable garden, basically, a plot of land to grow food, allotment; on the other hand, "сад" is a place with fruit trees, flowers, a place to relax etc.

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