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  5. "Tu decides."

"Tu decides."

Translation:You decide.

September 26, 2013



I'd like to know... Why is it pronounced "de-SEE-jes"? I thought "de" only had a "je" sound when used as the preposition "de" or when it's right at the end of a word by itself (that is, without any other letter, like the "s" in this case).

Example: 1. Suco de laranja ("je") 2. Quanto ela mede ("je") 3. Tu decides ("des"?)


you're right. DE at the end of a word has /jee/ sound, as well as DES /jees/. But if it is followed by any other letter (decidem, for instance), it sounds like a normal DE.


It's not so common in BR-PT

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You are so good Paulenrique! But to aaronclong above I think we should mention that tu is the familiar term for voce(don't how to find the accents on this computer) and is mainly used in Portugal when speaking to family or friends. It also adds an s to to many of the verbs. Como estas? How are you? Quantos anos tu tens as opposed to quantos anos voce tem.


In PT-PT it's less formal than você. In BR-PT they're equal, but depending on the region you will only use one. Tu is used especially in the south of brazil, while você is much more common everywhere else


in states like Santa Catarina - BR and Rio Grande do Sul - BR, it's very common use the "Tu".


How come I can't use the expression "it's up to you" as a good translation of this sentence? It must be correct, because in English it's a common expression that means exactly the same than the expression você decide in Portuguese.


More commonly heard: "Você que decide" => You decide, it's your call, it's up to you, it's your decision.

Source: reverso context.


Technically, it's not a direct translation and that's what the question was asking for. It doesn't accept symbolically equivalent responses that don't directly translate to the same thing.


so you can say that, in European Portuguse, Tu is for informal use, and você for more formal occasions? thank you ! =)

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