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  5. "Thank you very much!"

"Thank you very much!"

Translation:Tusen takk!

May 23, 2015



this directly translates to "thousand thanks", correct?


what mean of tusen very much or thousand?

[deactivated user]

    "tusen" = thousand

    "tusen takk" = thank you very much or thousand thanks


    There are so many ways to say thank you--tusen take veldig mye isn't wrong per say.


    People would know what you meant, but it doesn't sound natural. Tusen takk, or Takk så [veldig] mye, but combining the two together sounds very over the top :)


    "Takk så mye" sounds unnatural to me. One would tend to hear "tusen (hjertelig) takk," or "takk skal du/dere ha."


    "Takk så mye!" and "Mange takk!" are both natural and good translations, imo.

    I use both of them, and the above, in slightly different settings and around different people. They are perhaps a bit more common to the older generations, and less heard among teens.

    Either way, nobody's going to be offended that you thanked them in the "wrong" way, the gratitude shows on your face! :)


    Sounds like you've lived too long near the Swedish border, true ;)

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