"Chacun à un bout de la terre"

Translation:Each one at each end of the earth

December 25, 2012

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this sentence doesn't make sense.


i should've been clearer, i meant i don't see the context where i would use this. sure the sentence make sense but i was referring to a more practical use.


i believe "one at each end of the earth" would be a better english translation though


if you said this in English you would get a weird look... it makes 'sense' but it's such a strange thing to say, I don't like this. I don't think many English speakers would get this one right the first time...


Equally confused by the usage. The translation is correct however.


I don't really see where the problem is. Suppose you live in Japan and I in France, we could say that we are "chacun à un bout de la terre". At least, in French, I get the meaning.


In English it would be more common to say "We live at opposite ends of the world". Which is almost the same.


Thank you for your English version (I've learnt sthg today!)

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