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  5. "Моє село"

"Моє село"

Translation:My village

May 23, 2015



Are most places neutral, then?


I have posted this in another thread, but you might also find it useful.

When you learn enough words, it becomes pretty clear which word has which gender.

Basic rules are:

  1. If it is a person who has a gender, the gender of the word is the same. (German learners, you should understand this, "das Mädchen", nothing like this in Ukrainian!) A child ("дитина") and a human/person ("людина") are feminine. Which brings us to number 2...

  2. If it ends with "а" or "я" it is most probably feminine. Right away, I can only think of one word that ends with "а" that is masculine ("собака" - "dog"), and there is also "сирота" (orphan) that can be either masculine or feminine depending on the gender of the person.

  3. If it ends with "о" or "е" or "є" it is most probably neuter. You have already learned the word "дядько", but an uncle is a man, so the noun is masculine.


Isn't собака feminine? Because the Wiktionary entry says it is: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/собака#Ukrainian It is also feminine in Russian.


Wikipedia refers to a dictionary, which indicates masculine. Wikipedia contains an error. This word is feminine in Russian, but in Ukrainian is masculine. The same with the word pain - "біль".


"Собака" can be used as masculin and feminine both. You need to read all the phrase. For a "dog" masculin it can be also used the word "пес"


"Собака" is masculine in Russian language. In Ukrainian "собака, "пес" can be used only as masculine.


Do you mean neuter? Actually, most words ending with "о" or "е" are neuter


Ah, yes. Okay, thanks. I'll try keep that in mind


Моє сім'я is also a correct answer as it is irregular, i've heard this from all my teachers so im not sure if its only irregular in certain regions of ukraine but i believe this is an error in the lesson


There are two words which have the spelling сім’я: сім’Я (family) is feminine and сІм’я (seeds or sperm) is neuter. The later one is far less common, so I guess it's not in this course for beginners. But in that second meaning моє сім’я is certainly correct


Why does Е here sound like schwa?


is budynok not neutral


No, it is masculine.


So why Будинок is a wrong answer please?


Please, can someone tell me the difference between "Mоє" and "Міи"? Thanks


Моє is neuter and мій is masculine. Example:

  • Моє село.
  • Мій брат.
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