"Hold opp!"

Translation:Stop it!

May 23, 2015



This can't be translated as "hold up!" too?


"Hold up!" is a fine translation. Adding it now...


Could 'wait up' be used too in this case?


Hold opp means you want someone to stop doing something. Wait up is therefore not an accurate translation.


Exactly my question (is "wait up" an acceptable idiomatic translation).


"Wait up" is something you say when you are asking someone to wait for you, usually when you're going somewhere else; it's not really the best way to ask someone to stop doing something. You could potentially say "Wait!" to get them to stop temporarily, but it doesn't mean the same thing as "Stop" or "Hold up." If I wanted someone to stop doing something and I said "Wait!" I'd probably feel obliged to follow it up with "Stop!" or "Don't do that yet."


doesn't "hold up" mean you're trying to rob somebody?


That would be "a hold-up", which is a noun. The request (or command!) version would be "Stick 'em up!".


Yes, I think it's also used as a verb, but not an imperative.
He's going to hold up the bank.

Although I think this sounds a bit like you're saying "He's going to make the bank wait."

Nevada to me, in the US, the most common meaning for "hold up" is to make __ wait or take longer.

Hold up the line Hold up the mail Hold up the traffic


Is the 'd' at the pronounced?


Does it have the same meaning than "slutt det"?


If you mean "quit it", then yes, it's basically the same meaning. (I don't know if the mods allow it though).

However, in Norwegian "slutt det" doesn't make much sense. It would have to be "slutt med det" or preferably "slutt med det der".

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