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  5. "Hvor er lamperne?"

"Hvor er lamperne?"

Translation:Where are the lamps?

May 23, 2015


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In dutch, 'lamp' means both the object you put on your desk as the lightbulb. Can the danish 'lampe' be used like that?


I don't think "lampe" works that way. I believe a light bulb is just called a "pære" (literally a pear, but I don't know if the energy saving ones that don't resemble a pear are called that, also "elpære" and "elektrisk pære" are synonyms in this context)

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Yeah, Dutch also has 'pear' for 'bulb': "een peertje" (the diminutive of "peer").


And "peer" can also mean a whack on the head, at least in Amsterdam slang: "Mot je een peer?". And it can mean "a good guy" or a "friend": "een toffe peer".

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