"Jeg elsker den akkorden."

Translation:I love that chord.

May 23, 2015

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"I love the chord"?


That would be "Jeg elsker akkorden". You'd need the demonstrative.


Oh, ok I see. The "den" is unnecessary to the translation I offered so it works as an emphasis to mean "that" in the proper translation. But how would you say, "I love that white chord."? Because "den" is necessary in that sentence to mean "the". So you'd have to have a separate word or something to mean "that" I think.


I'm not sure how chords are supposed to be of any colour, but "den/det" translates to "that". "the" translates to "-a/-en/-et".

Jeg liker den boka. = I like that book.

Jeg liker boka. = I like the book.

"I love that white chord." would translate to "Jeg elsker den hvite akkorden"

"Jeg elsker den hvite akkord" or "Jeg elsker hvite akkorden" would be wrong.

"Jeg elsker den hvite akkord" would probably be accepted as it's used in older Norwegian texts, but you that doesn't mean you should write it like that. Always use both "den" and "-en" when translating "that".


But I thought "Jeg elsker den hvite akkorden" translates to "I love the white chord."? If not, then how would you say that?


Oh right that would work too. When you have an adjective you can choose between "that" and "the" in English, but Norwegian wouldn't have this distinction. So you're correct that "Jeg elsker den hvite akkorden" would translate to "I love the white chord" AND "I love that white chord", but "Jeg elsker den akkorden" would translate to "I love that chord" and "Jeg elsker akkorden" would translate to "I love the chord".

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