"How much do I need to do?"

Translation:Hvor mye trenger jeg å gjøre?

May 23, 2015

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could I also translate, ' hvor mye må jeg gjøre?'


It should be accepted. Duolingo itself has "need to" for må on this page.


It's accepted, but let's be clear that it's closer to asking "how much must i do". Basically the same idea but expressed in a slightly different flavor.


That's what I put and it was accepted.


Yet another pronunciation question: on the recordings of "gjøre," I'm hearing both 'jø-re' and 'kjø-re' -- the latter only being heard at the slower speed. Which is correct?


Definitely should sound like "jø-re".


Tusen Takk =)


Why "hvor mye" and not "hvordan mye"?


When talking about quantity, "hvor" is used in Norwegian. "Hvor mye" = "How much" and "Hvor mange" = "How many".


It becomes hvor whenever you pair 'how' with some additional quanitifier, like how many, how long, how much, how often, etc.


Hvor mye må jeg gjøre? Why no "å" with verb må, is it because it is a modal verb? Hvor mye trenger jeg å gjøre? Here the "å" is used with gjøre. Just looking for clarification thanks.


Yes, the infinitive marker is omitted after all modal auxiliary verbs.


takk...hardt til huske alt tinger. Kunne du også forklare immerserion til meg. I looked at the links for it and even tried to translate a little on a piece about Australia, but I am not sure I am using it right. Again thanks


Of course, but perhaps you could narrow it down a bit by telling me what you're uncertain of?


Thank you very much, I'll try......I read through this immersion page here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/9758625 and went here: https://www.duolingo.com/translation/90b2db10c555e219bc449f762f816836 to translate.

So my questions are do I just wait for people to click "looks good" to get points? Also I notice by mousing over the text the translation shows up....so is the challenge to figure out the correct word order, grammar or find a better replacement word? Sorry for these silly questions, I'm just a bit confused. Once I figure this out then I can look into uploading documents for trasnlation lol Tusen takk


Yes, or you could team up with some other Norwegian learners and proofread each other. There are some who are quite active in Immersion, so you might want to check out this thread and get in touch with someone who has posted there. :)

As for the mouse over "hints", they're meant to be a bit like a built-in dictionary, but you can't trust them blindly. They're more like a Google Translate translation; a bit hit and miss for words that can have several meanings. Your "challenge" is to find a natural translation of the sentence, whether you use the hints or not.


Thank you for clarifying and for the link.


Bare hyggelig!


Hvorfor ikke er det "Hvor mye må jeg gjør?"


Spell it 'gjøre' and that is accepted. Did you mean to ask about må vs trenger, or about gjør vs gjøre?


I'm not sure why 'hvor mye behøver jeg gjøre?' is marked wrong?


It would need to be "behøver jeg å gjøre".

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