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  5. "You do not eat honey."

"You do not eat honey."

Translation:Ви не їсте мед.

May 23, 2015



"Мед" is similar to german "Met" or english "mead", which is, I think, wine made of honey. This way it's easier to remember (at least for me)


Well, I think you guys should also accept "You" in singular for this sentence instead of just approving it in plural...


Would I also say Ти не їсте мед?


It would be "Ти не їси". "ти" and "ви" demand different conjugation


You (singular) eat - Ти їси; You (plural) eat - Ви їсте.


Ah... They were looking for plural. I mixed singular subject with plural verb...



It has to do with addressing someone in a formal manner. It can also be plural, but what here suggests that we're addressing a group instead of an individual?


Did I miss something? I offered "Ти не їм...." for singular, I know about Їсте, but I have never seen їси mentioned previously. What are the differences between їси and ім please?


їм is used when talking about yourself only, Я їм. Їси is used only when using Ви, ви їси. Conjugation :)


Sorry, I don't have the Ukrainian letter 'yi' = the 'i' with two dots - thus I have to use a 'double i' ('ii') to 'represent' it ... I would say, "Ти не ііж мед." 'You eat' = "Ти ііж".


Is someone able to post the full conjugation table for їм (eat) in the nominative case here? Thank you in advance.


Conjugation of the irregular verb *їсти (to eat) in the Present tense: я їм ми їмо ти їси ви їсте він/вона/воно їсть вони їдять


Я- їм, ви- їсте, ти- їси, він,вона,воно- їсть, вони- їдять, ви- їсте. If this is what you're asking about


Ви - does the B sound more like a V or D or something else? Hard to tell on the audio...


The audios are difficult, especially for me, because I can't hear consonants. "В" or "veh" is pronounced like a V in English. To hear my teacher say it, "Ви" almost sounds like "vwih." It is subtle.


After listening to much Ukrainian and Russian, the nearest I can figure is that it is closer to "v-we." Almost like "oui" in French with a "v" sound in front.


What's the difference between "iсте " and "їм"?


Same verb, but the endings differ because of the gender of the pronoun. "їсти" is nominative case, or the dictionary version of "to eat." я їм is I eat. він їсть is "he eats." Study conjugation of verb "їсти."

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