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  5. "Jeg er en kvinne."

"Jeg er en kvinne."

Translation:I am a woman.

May 23, 2015



Is there a difference between 'lady' and 'woman'?


"All ladies are women, but not all women are ladies" is what I've read.

Yes, there is a slight difference. A lady is a woman who is higher ranked than a woman. You would call the "Queen of England" a lady because of her high rank (she is the Queen).

Hope that helps.


I guess "kvinne" can be used for both


In English, at least the older, traditional meaning of a lady, I believe is this: a lady is a woman who not only follows social rules impeccably, but also acts with absolute grace and so is seen by all to be, well, a lady. This is like an honorary title bestowed on her as a consequence of her manners. She is often also older in age, I believe. Basically, I think colloquially a lady can be told apart perhaps for her respectful manner towards herself and others and her higher expectations on ways she must behave. From here we get charming old sayings like "a lady never goes out without her hat and gloves" and other such rules, which, according to Miss Manners, were constituted by ladies for the sole purpose of trying younger women striving to truly be true ladies. :D Hope that helps. :)


Yes I know that


when you learn some swedish first norwegian is easy


Norwegian is pretty easy for me and I didn't learn any Swedish. I speak English fluently (duh), and I just started Norwegian 1 week ago.


The two languages are North Germanic languages. It's the same thing if someone speaks Spanish or French. Since these languages derived from Latin, it's obvious that speakers of these languages would find other Romance languages easier than other non-romance languages.


Why "er" sounds like "ar" and "en" sounds like "en"? What is their difference?


'Er' is a verb that can mean, 'am,' 'are,' or 'is.'
Jeg er - I am
Du er - You are
Hun er - She is

'En' is an indefinite article, i.e.,
'a' or 'an.'
En bil - a car
En maur - an ant


Is it common to use "en mann" and "en kvinne" for describing sex, as male nad female, or are there other terms that are used for that?


That is common. You could also use "hunkjønn" (female gender) and "hankjønn" (male gender), but that is very formal and not really used in everyday speech.


Bokmål - Jeg er ei/en kvinne.
Nynorsk - Eg er ei kvinne.


Is the "e" of "kvinne" supposed to be pronounced as the "e" in "pen" or as a schwa? Thank you.


It's closer to a schwa.

[deactivated user]

    I'm trans


    What do you want us to say? I'm a woman. :)


    It wont work when i say all the right things


    I'm a woman it's the same! Come on!


    I tthink it would be better "jeg er ei kvinne" ikke en


    You're free to use either of the two.


    Is there a word for lady?


    Ei/en Dame for a lady.


    'En' Sounds like em to me, do I have to say em?


    I believe it sounds like the "en" in the English word "when".


    Jeg is pronounce like "yay"? Or like in turkish "yağ"?

    [deactivated user]

      IPA pronunciation is /jæɪ̯/. Click here to listen how a native speaker pronounces it. You can also click the word itself to isolate it from the rest of the sentence (Duolingo will take you to the dictionary page).

      Follow this link to hear IPA symbols being pronounced.


      It sounds like hi with a Y.


      It is pronounced like 'yay' in Türkçe if that was a word.

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