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"Двадцять дві гривні і двадцять два долари"

Translation:Twenty-two hryvnias and twenty-two dollars

May 23, 2015



I think other transliterations of 'hryvnya' should be accepted? I was always taught by my Ukrainian teacher to spell it 'hryvnia'.


Indeed, that's how it is usually spelled (with i)


You are correct and it has been fixed.


Why is it "дві гривень" and "два долари"? Why does Два change?


The correct phrases here would be дві гривні and два долари. Numbers in Ukrainian are a separate part of speech and they follow some of their own rules. One of those is that they change in gender. Since гривня is feminine, two hryvnias must be as well, resulting in дві гривні.

The discussion above on endings is accurate, but it refers to the ending of the noun, not the number. So for the word гривня, we could say: одна гривня, дві гривні, три гривні, чотири гривні, п’ять гривень, and so on.


It depends on the ending/case.

Number 1, & those ending in 1, use the nominative singular case (один/сорок один студент, рік, долар)

Numbers 2, 3, & 4, & those ending in 2-4, use the nominative plural case, typically ending with (чотири/двадцять три/вісімдесят три студенти, роки, долари)

Numbers 0 & 5-19, & those ending in 0 or 5-9, use the genitive plural case, typically ending with -ів (шість/десять/дев'ятнадцять/сорок студентів, років, доларів)


The number exercises are really tedious. Could there be some more variety? If i have to type двадцять too many more times I'll go mad!

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