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  5. "There was no air."

"There was no air."

Translation:Det fantes ingen luft.

May 23, 2015



What is the difference between fantes and var? Thanks.


I think they are pretty much interchangeable. However, "å finnes" can only be translated as "to exist," or "to be" in the sense of being in a specific place, whereas "å være" can be both "to exist" and "to be".

For example, you can say: - "Det finnes en restaurant ved hjørnet." or "Det er en restaurant ved hjørnet" But you cannot say: - "Han finnes faren min." Only: "han er faren min".


It helps if you consider "å finnes" as "to be found" (passive form of "å finne").

In this case, there's not a lot of difference between "fantes" and "var", but sometimes there is.

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