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  5. "Meu irmão é engenheiro."

"Meu irmão é engenheiro."

Translation:My brother is an engineer.

December 25, 2012



I wrote Meu irmao e um engenheiro and was marked wrong. Why is um not required when translation uses 'an'


I believe the Preposition is implied,in this case for Professions....PLEASE,can a native BP speaker CONCUR.....OBRIGADO..........M :)

[deactivated user]

    Eu sou um engenheiro ou Eu sou engenheiro ambas são possíveis em português

    More/most used is Eu sou engenheiro


    Hold on! It doesn't say 'meu irmão é UM engenheiro'. So why translate it as 'my brother is AN engineer'? I wrote 'my brother is engineer' and it is marked wrong.. what gives???


    same her , don't understand why that is not the correct answer


    The indefinite article is used in English but not in Portuguese


    My brother's an engineer. Wrong. :-/ Cambridge as well as Websters' say this "Contractions can occur after nouns, names, here, there and now and question words."

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