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" féidir liom airgead a thabhairt duit."

Translation:I cannot give money to you.

May 23, 2015



Ní féidir liom airgead a thabhairt duit, a Phól


why not "I am not able to give you money"?


Because the course creators didn’t anticipate that as a correct answer.


I will be sure to report it in that case. Sorry to ask all the time, its just that if I am marked incorrect I will usually assume that I have made the mistake.


There’s no need to apologize — the whole point of asking questions is to learn, and learning is why all of us are here.


Wouldn't it be better to keep "able" for ábalta, seeing as Duolingo is quite keen on literal translations?


I just found your reply to me above — since you’d replied to your own comment, I didn’t receive notice of it.

Irish has several ways of expressing “can X”/“able to X”, so the one-to-one correspondence that you’d posited doesn’t actually exist.

Note that there are many possible translations of mar, and “for” would be an incorrect translation of a number of its meanings.


Oh I'm not saying it's wrong; just that if feidir and ábalta are different words, and the latter is derived from the same root as English "able" (Old French "abile"), it might make sense to consistently translate them differently with the nearest equivalent. Context: I'm in favour of always translating mar as "for", even though Duolingo doesn't always like it! After all, "for" can mean "because" in English too.


Better for whom? FeargalMcGovern’s suggestion is a valid translation.


"I cannot be giving you money" was rejected (I reported it). In the various parts of England where I've lived in the past, this was perfectly acceptable. I also think it might be closer to the spirit of the Irish from which I translated it.


Ní féidir liom bheith ag tabhairt airgid duit - "I can't be giving you money"

bheith ag tabhairt - "(to) be giving"
airgead a thabhairt - "(to) give money"


Cén fath ní féidir liom aon glór a chloisteáil nuair cliceálann mé ar an nasc ciorcal gorm?


Tá ciorcal gorm ar gach aon leathanach "Discussion" i rith na cleachtai, fiú nach bhfuil aon fuaim le fail.

Níl aon ciorcal gorm ar an leathanach é féin


"Well, you know, we're all doing what we can..."


What's wrong with I cannot give you money??? A better translation!


As was explained about another "good" translation, the creators of this exercise didn't include all the valid possibilities. See the answer to FeargalMcGovern above.

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