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  5. "Я люблю грати у баскетбол."

"Я люблю грати у баскетбол."

Translation:I like to play basketball.

May 23, 2015



You can put «y» or «в». It is the same. Before vowels you should prefer «в», befor consonant - «у», but it is not a strict rule.


Why is у needed here?


AFAIK, in Ukranian it is always у with games and на with musical instruments (musical instruments use Locative — comes in handy for metaphorical uses).


What is needed is в as the preceding word ends in a consonant


because it is a preposition


I mean is it necessary to put у?


if ю is supposed to make the ''yu'' sound, then why does люблю sound like ''lublu'' not ''lyublyu''


There is that thing called palatalisation—it is when you have the middle of your tongue raised while pronouncing the consonant. і , я, є, ю, and ь make the preceding consonant palatalised—in fact, there is no "yu", "ya" etc. if і, я, є or ю are after a consonant.

So in люблю you actually have two palatalized Л's as well as two У's (which are probably a bit fronted and raised because of the palatalisation of an adjacent consonant)

There are other names for this phenomenon, mind you. Using words like "palatalisation" only seems a cool option when your language does not care much about it. Slavic languages usually call ordinary consonants "hard" and palatalized ones "soft". In Irish they are "broad" and "slender"


thanks, i was having trouble with that :))

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