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"Yes, there are students here."

Translation:Так, тут є студенти.

May 23, 2015



How do you know where to put є in the sentence?


This is somewhat a mystery to me as well, however I asked a Russian speaker who knows some things about Ukrainian and he said that the word order is almost always Subject-Verb-Object like in English, so є - being a verb - would probably have to come before студенти assuming that студенти is not the subject i.e. "There are students here."/"Here, there are students." as opposed to "Students are here" which I believe would be translated as "студенти тут".

Interestingly, though this may be in error, DL doesn't accept "так є студенти тут" but instead states that "так, тут є студенти" is the correct solution which may indicate that "тут" in this sentence is an adverb to "є" which must precede the verb. I'd really like if a native speaker could comment on this as at this point we're just beginning to learn the sentence structure and we haven't much of a guide to what's considered proper.


Why do you need to include "є" in this sentence?


random guess, but I'd prefer a definitive answer too: perhaps because the existence of some students is more important in the discourse than the students' being somewhere?


Is it possible to change the sentence structure to так, ctyденти є тут?


I am sorry for this stupid question, but how do you type this э? Is this possible to do on Android with Eng/Rus keyboard, or is it possible to get Ukrainian keyboard somehow?


You can download the ukrainian keyboard on android


I had to download a Ukrainian keyboard to get є


There - там , here - тут ...


There is a mistake

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