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"Hun har seg hva som helst, til og med korte skjørt."

Translation:She wears anything, even short skirts.

May 23, 2015



Word salad! All the prolix multi-word concepts in one go!


In this case, shouldn't this be accepted as well: 'she will wear anything, even short skirt!'


The adjective describing "skjørt" in the Norwegian sentence is in its plural form, which means that we're dealing with the plural version of "skjørt" here.

korte skjørt = short skirts
et kort skjørt = a short skirt


can "hva som helst"="Whatever", "hvor som helst"="Wherever", and "naar som helst"="whenever"? Although in English I am pretty sure "whenever, whatever, and whenever" are similar, but not the same as "anything, anywhere, and anytime."

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