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  5. "What a beautiful name!"

"What a beautiful name!"

Translation:For et vakkert navn!

May 23, 2015



So if I wanted to exclaim, "What a night!", I would say 'For en natt'? If that is correct, I'll go with it, but I feel as though I need a question word in there (a wh- word in English, which I suppose would correspond to a hv- word in Norwegian).

Google Translate suggests both 'For en natt' and 'Hva en natt'; 'Hva en natt' parallels the English exactly, but the partial German in me feels the need to include both of them: 'Hva for en natt' (cf. tysk Was für eine Nacht).

Kan noen hjelpe meg? Vær så snill? Tusen takk! :-)


I think the option of "For et pent navn" would be reasonably acceptable here. "Pent" (eng: pretty, nice) might here be a weaker form of "beautiful", but the meaning is still roughly the same.


Indeed, seeing as "For et nydelig navn" was accepted and added yesterday. Report it.


It is accepted. Was your answer really rejected?


I put that both should be correct, but I got an error

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