"Ви не їсте мед."

Translation:You do not eat honey.

May 23, 2015

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So, is the ї like a normal i but with a "y sound" in front?


Basically, ї = йі


So am I right in thinking that Ukrainian unlike most slavic languages doesn't unvoice voiced consonants at the end of words? That is, мед is pronounced med, not met, correct?


If you are a sloppy everyday speaker it might sounds close to "met", because "med" just requires too much effort and throat work. But the woman in the audio really tries to make it super clear, so it sounds like a very hard pronounced "med" here.


No. I'm Ukrainian speaker and I can say that "мед", sounds like "med". It's not russian though. We have main rule in Ukrainian language "Як пишеться, так і читається", I'm not sure how to translate it correctly, but it's meaning the same that, "how you pronounce when saying something, the same way it will be written" though.


what are the conjugations of the verb to eat and how can i apply it to other verbs.


I too am looking for a reference source!


This will show the conjugation tables, but you need to know the infinitive. Google Translate can help with that part.



Apparently, "You do not eat the honey" is not the same as "You do not eat honey". Why is it wrong?


Don't and do not are equally accepted in english grammar as exactle the same thing. It even goes as far as counting contractions as two separate words.


"Ви" може трактуватися як "you" або "they". Пропоную в реченнях з "you" вживати "Ти" замість "Ви". Тоді все буде зрозуміло і не буде двозначності.


тут наголос не такий у слові ЇСТЕ


Is “ви“ used for singular and plural just like in English?


No. It's essentially identical to how it is in French. From the notes:

Ви is a plural or singular formal you. It can be used to address to a group of people or to one person in a formal setting (like talking to a boss, an older person

Ти is a singular informal you, which can be used with friends, relatives, children.

You can read more on that here


Do you not eat honey!!!! Заперечне речення.


The accent is not correct in "їсте" word. It's sounds like "ви не Їсте мед", but should be like "ви не їстЕ мед".


So where is the line drawn between eating and drinking? Cause I'd call honey a liquid, and typically you'd drink it liquid, not eat it.


Depends if it's runny or solid! But either way I would eat it. Not sure about soup though!


Czech here. Guess it depends on culture. In Czech, we eat honey


Why is "you don't eat honey?" wrong?


Well, "don't" for "do not" ought to be accepted. But the sentence is not a question, so your question mark after "honey" is wrong. Though I didn't think DL took any notice of punctuation!

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